Precisely why Would the guy submit myself a contact After Being Divorced for weekly?

Reader matter:

My ex-husband sent me a contact having said that I became the girl, he cherished me seriously and that I would be on their brain. The guy stated he had been embarrassed of himself zoosk for seniors letting someone just like me go. Precisely why would he send me this after becoming separated for almost weekly?

-Cindy S. (Texas)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

There are three possible psychological reasons for his tv show of love to you only 7 days following divorce.

Since things are satisfied and the splitting up is actually final, they can put-on his rose-colored eyeglasses please remember the nice reasons for having you.

When the separation documents are ultimately signed, its recognized. It’s over. It doesn’t matter what poor the matrimony was, this proof of closure can bring upwards a strange divorce anxiety.

Provided the divorce or separation was actually pending, the guy knew you might somehow reunite. But now things are final. This could easily cause self-doubt and separation stress and anxiety.

I am not sure just who started the separation and divorce, just how long you used to be split up, or just what accidents took place within commitment, but i know this is certainly a standard post-divorce effect.

If you feel this could be the impression that prompted their mail, think very long and hard before you start back into the flame. A signal of someone’s future conduct is the past behavior.

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